Company History
About Our Founder
David E. Lindsey

As the Founder of Lindsey Health, David Lindsey has always had a single goal in mind to ensure every American has access to affordable healthcare. During his 35 years in the healthcare business, Mr. Lindsey has developed a keen sixth sense in recognizing upcoming healthcare opportunities and individual needs. He believes in a future where healthcare coverage is genuinely affordable and available to everyone.

Company History
In The Beginning

Throughout his career, Mr. Lindsey’s limitless energy and straightforward approach have served him well and earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s top thought leaders and innovators. In 1995, David focused on developing low-cost healthcare programs for the uninsured and underinsured small group market. He pioneered the concept of managed limited medical benefit plans by working with health insurance companies to develop affordable benefits that provided first-dollar coverage. The company grew from the small group market to the large group market.

Company History
The Founding of AmeriDoc

In the mid 2000’s, Mr. Lindsey recognized that a new healthcare solution, telemedicine, would change the landscape of how non-emergent care could be delivered. In 2008, he founded AmeriDoc, which successfully delivered real-time healthcare by providing consumers with 24/7 access to U.S. based licensed physicians via video, telephone through a secure proprietary platform. With over 1.5 million active members on its platform, Teladoc, the nation’s largest telehealth provider, acquired AmeriDoc in 2014.

Company History
The Creation of Lindsey Health

In 2017, Mr. Lindsey began assembling the necessary building blocks for what is now, Lindsey Health. Under the leadership of an accomplished management team, Lindsey Health now oversees a vast array of proprietary products and platforms that deliver solutions across the country to individuals, small businesses, and independent transportation owners.

Company History
The Realm Health Solution

In 2020, Mr. Lindsey and his team brought Realm Health to the marketplace, after realizing that many of American’s front-line workers pay more for their healthcare needs then they do for their car payment or mortgage. Today, Realm Health provides guaranteed issue healthcare solutions for transportation and logistics companies all over the United States.

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